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Termite Detection

TERMATRAC is a breakthrough development in the detection of termites, invented and developed in Australia using technology similar to radar, Termatrac is the exciting answer to detecting termites through timber, plaster board, brick or masonry with no interference to the building material or termite activity.

With no drilling, tapping or prodding, Termatrac is the answer to termite detection without termite defection! With Termatrac, the pest professional enjoys the advantage of accurate detection and customer peace of mind.

Termatrac, explained simply, emits signals which penetrate the material that is being searched. If these signals are interrupted by termite activity, the liquid crystal display will alert you to this activity. Termatrac relays this information to the operator, so that they can pinpoint the termites in an instant. Then you can:

  • track the extent of their activity without disturbances.
  • track termites to entry point.
  • locate nests via entry point.
  • determine the most suitable treatment procedures.

Foaming Treatment

FOAMING TREATMENT is the answer for areas that are difficult to treat such as under slabs, outside steps, around rubble foundations, behind veneers, interior voids (walls, chimneys, masonry), plumbing accesses, and around air returns. Foams or air bubbles result when air is forced into the termiticide and foaming agent; at contact with the structure, the foam disperses the solution into every fill and void, ensuring maximum coverage. Foaming treatment prevents termites from seeping through edifices and discontinues termite activity in your home or dwelling.

Colony Management

(Use of New Age Termiticide – better than Baiting System)

Agenda Termiticide/ Isoptex Termiticide is a low-dosage, fast-acting, non-repellent* spray termiticide that reaches to the termite colony “the root of your pest problem”. It works two ways: by contact and by ingestion. Its uniqueness from other soil-applied termiticides: It allows a wandering termite to pick up the solution and transfer it to the other termites in the nest.

  • 1st Individual ‘carrier’ termites.
  • 2nd group of infected termites
  • Termites remaining to be infected in the colony.

Agenda 2.5 EC Unlike Other termiticides, Agenda 2.5 EC utilises fipronil, from the phenypyrazole group, a completely new class of chemistry. It is this new active ingredients that provide Agenda 2.5 EC with its unique mode of action and major benefits to termite control professional and homeowners like you.

Product Features
Activity at Ultra-Low Dose Rates As Well As a High Level of Selective Action Against Termites
Non-repellent Activity
Agenda 2.5 EC is non-repellent to termites. This means that termites will not avoid areas treated with Agenda 2.5 EC .

Contact and Ingestion Activity
Termites do not only become contaminated by ingestion, but Agenda 2.5 EC is also readily picked up from the soil as termites pass through.

Transfer Between Termites
Termites which have become contaminated with low concentrations of Agenda 2.5 EC are able to transfer the active ingredients to other termites with whom they contact in their foraging tunnels and back to the colony.

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