Types of Termites

4 Major Termite Species in the Philippines

Nasutitermes Luzonicus
(Luzon Point Headed termite)

  • dark in color
  • pointed head
  • no mandibles (soldiers)
  • feeds on sap woods

Microcerotermes Losbanosensis
(Los Banos termite)

  • smaller in size than coptotermes
  • species very sensitive
  • got its name from area where it was discovered

Coptotermes Vastator
(Philippine Milk termite)

  • workers are white in color
  • soldiers secrets white substance (latex)
  • considered as the most
    destructive of all the Philippine termite species

Macrotermes Gilvus
(Mound Building termite)

  • mostly on garden
  • considered as large species
  • darker in color (abdominal part) with two sizes of soldiers

Members of the Colony


Wood Boring Beetles

Lyctid Powderpost Beetle
Anobiid Powderpost Beetle
Bostrichid Powderpost Beetle
Old House Borer

Powder post beetles were so named because the wood upon which they feed is generally eaten into a fine, flourlike powder. The Lyctus types feed primarily on hardwoods; the Anobiids prefer to attack softwoods, such as conifers. They can damage and, in some cases, eventually destroy (by completely tunneling) all exposed wood in houses, including furniture and paneling. Severe damage may take many years to materialize. A case of this kind usually results from failure to apply early remedies.

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